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Desulfurization Project for China Glass Linyi Completed 168hr Test Run, Praised by Owner Together with Waste Heat Power Project

Source:       Date: 2014-05-15 17:07:25      Clicks:  51

The 168 hours of test run for the No 2 desulfurization and dusting project of China Glass Lanxing (Linyi) Glass Company Limited was successfully completed on 3:30 PM, May 15th, 2014.

The project kicked off in March 2013, started commissioning in late July 2013 and completed 168 hours of test run on May 15th, 2014. Many difficulties and challenges were encountered technically, during the construction and commissioning throughout the project. The commissioning job took an especially long time, as a result of which the project was rated “the least deliverable project” at the Contract Quality Meeting of 2014. Driven by the indignity and thanks to vigorous supports and concerns from the various levels of leadership and departments, all participants in the project organized a number of focused project meetings and benchmarking meetings to identify the problems and summarize the experience, while also hiring experts to offer technical guidance and commissioning help. The team eventually had a successful 168 hours of test run in which all technical performances reached and surpassed the contractual requirements.

Amid the excitements on the site of the waste heat power generation and desulfurization project of China Glass Lanxing (Linyi) Glass Company Limited, division head of the owner Yuan presented our project manager Duan Yue a thank-you pennant on May 23rd, 2014 to commend the job we did.

Initiated in July 2012, the China Glass power generation project by waste heat started generating power and joined the power grid in April 2014, whereas the desulfurization project broke ground in March 2013 and finished 168 hours of test run in May 2014. The building process experienced many challenges such as technical defects, equipment failures and management errors, including the erosion and burst of the coal economizer of the boiler and deaeration evaporator, excessive vibration of induced drag fan, inapplicability of fume valve, leakage of water supply pump, overdue desulfurization commissioning and sack breakage. The owner once showed dissatisfaction with the technical knowhow and project management of Hot New Energy and the project was also named “the least deliverable project” at the Contract Quality Meeting of 2014.

Jolted by the failures and yet driven by the mission to “accomplish the client”, the project management team convened several focused meetings and benchmarking meetings with vigorous supports from company leadership to identify and fix the loopholes and summarize the experiences. External experts were also solicited to provide technical guidance and help with commissioning. All problems were finally overcame to enable the successful test run in which all technical performances satisfied and even surpassed the contractual requirements. Our passion to serve, our prime technical and operational performances and project management capability eventually won the owner’s recognition and changed their attitude towards us.

As a company focused on and dedicated to the environmental enterprise, we commit ourselves to serving and accomplishing clients with a win-win vision. The message on the pennant presented by the owner offered recognition of our efforts and at the same time a spur on us.

Success of the project marked just one of the steps on our ascent to the top as we brace ourselves to mount new challenges with stronger passions.

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